I think i’ve got the hang of this!!!

Yesterday was yet another success horray!!!! i have discovered this free weightloss website which is awesome!! www.sparkpeople.com it is so supportive they calculate all the calories you eat and tell you if your eating enough carbs protein fat sugar everything its great they also keep you accountable for exercising ….and did i mention …ITS FREE!!! so amazing well you dont need to wish me luck today because  i know i can do it i’m going to do a weigh in soon so i’ll let you all know if my efforts are paying off!

bye all!!! xxoo


About journeytoloseweight

I'm Melinda Urie. Married to an amazing man for almost 3 years,and mother of two beautiful boys Oscar (2) and Jeremiah (10 months).I've been inspired to write a blog after watching "julie and julia" excellent movie....i am going to blog about my journey to lose weight over the next year, to help motivate me to stick to it! I just want to be healthy and happy!
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