The first day has to be the worst day!

Well my first day was yesterday and i started out really well, got up at 6am and went for a brisk walk and it was a beautiful walk nice and cool and quiet . Then i got home and had a healthy breakfast (summer fruits cereal) which was really nice and filling. but then towards the middle of the day i had a couple of bad things and then at night i had ice cream and some chips!!!!!……not the best idea but because i didn’t get up for my walk this morning due to be woken at 4 by my cat who caught a mouse and then again at 5:15 by my son i was way to exhausted so an afternoon walk it is but i’m determined to EAT right today so wish me luck!!!!!

I CAN DO IT!!!!!!



About journeytoloseweight

I'm Melinda Urie. Married to an amazing man for almost 3 years,and mother of two beautiful boys Oscar (2) and Jeremiah (10 months).I've been inspired to write a blog after watching "julie and julia" excellent movie....i am going to blog about my journey to lose weight over the next year, to help motivate me to stick to it! I just want to be healthy and happy!
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