I think i’ve got the hang of this!!!

Yesterday was yet another success horray!!!! i have discovered this free weightloss website which is awesome!! www.sparkpeople.com it is so supportive they calculate all the calories you eat and tell you if your eating enough carbs protein fat sugar everything its great they also keep you accountable for exercising ….and did i mention …ITS FREE!!! so amazing well you dont need to wish me luck today because  i know i can do it i’m going to do a weigh in soon so i’ll let you all know if my efforts are paying off!

bye all!!! xxoo

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I DID IT!!!!!!

Yay, you can all finally congratulate me. i got through a whole day without eating badly, and i even did a really good work out as well! i’m off to bed shortly, looking forward to getting to bed early and feeling refreshed for tomorrow!!!

Night all!!

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todays going to be a good day!!!

Hello everyone after recieving some great advise from my new blogging friend tricia i’m going to start today well and it well ….i am determined!!!! i’ll let you all know how i go tonight!!! 🙂

yay!….i can do it!

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Will i ever do a whole healthy day!!??

Hmmm so yesterday i didn’t do any exercise and i ate crap all day so that was a big fail although my sister is visiting from alice springs so that makes things a bit harder because who wants to watch a movie with no chocolate!!!?? but hopefully today will be at least a little improvement!!

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A little self control was all i needed…

Day 2 started pretty good….then kinda sucked….then got pretty good…..i went for an hour and a half walk wih my boys and i was stuffed when i got back it was perfect weather for walking the sun was out and hot but there was a nice cold wind i didn’t eat very well in the afternoon but i had a nice chicken and salad  sandwich and then i was going to have lots of ice cream  but i watched biggest loser and then chsnged my mind


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The first day has to be the worst day!

Well my first day was yesterday and i started out really well, got up at 6am and went for a brisk walk and it was a beautiful walk nice and cool and quiet . Then i got home and had a healthy breakfast (summer fruits cereal) which was really nice and filling. but then towards the middle of the day i had a couple of bad things and then at night i had ice cream and some chips!!!!!……not the best idea but because i didn’t get up for my walk this morning due to be woken at 4 by my cat who caught a mouse and then again at 5:15 by my son i was way to exhausted so an afternoon walk it is but i’m determined to EAT right today so wish me luck!!!!!

I CAN DO IT!!!!!!


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Here’s to a new me!

Tomorrow is a big day for me, the begining of a new me, happy and healthier. Let me share with you why i came to the decision to write this blog. I watched the movie “Julie & Julia” tonight with … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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